Now Luckey says VR could make wasting time on real life ‘irresponsible’

Virtual reality may not just mean the end of TVs – it might actually mean the end of ever interacting with actual flesh and blood people altogether.

Having predicted the end for television yesterday, GameSpot has spotted some even more audacious claims from Oculus founder Palmer Luckey in an interview with Maximum PC.

"How do I know you’re real," Luckey pondered, before presumably taking the blue pill. "You’re just standing there. You could be a hologram. But we’re still having a meaningful interaction.

At some point it could even be [considered to be] irresponsible to waste the resources to… why did you need to get on a plane and burn all of that fuel to ship yourself over when you could have just hopped in your VR headset?"

Luckey also disagrees with the suggestion that strapping a large plastic device that blocks out all light and sound to your head could lead to a feeling of isolation.

"Physically isolated, maybe. But I don’t think socially isolated,” he asserted. If anything, I think VR is one of the most potentially connecting technologies we have out there.

"I guess you will have to ask yourself, ‘Why do we care if we’re physically isolated if we’re mentally connected?’ If you can perfectly simulate reality, why do you need to actually go see people in real life?"

Coming up tomorrow: Luckey predicts that VR could bring about the end of corn flakes, plasticine, the far right and Game of Thrones spoilers.

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