Nvidia GTX 790 tipped for 2013 release; GeForce 800 series out in Q1 2014?

AMD’s expected Q4 2013 assault on the graphics card market will not go unanswered, it seems.

Videocardz.com reports that Nvidia is not only planning a big release of its own before Christmas, but that it is also fast-tracking the release of the GeForce 800 series cards to early next year.

Firstly, the site reckons more GTX 700 cards will be released before Christmas, most likely focusing on boosted versions of the existing 760, 770 and 780.

In addition, it also believes that either the GTX 790 (effectively two 780s in a single unit) or possibly even a Titan Ultra will arrive some time next quarter. The site is also confident that whatever the new release is, it will retail for under $1,000.

A price drop for the 700 series will likely accompany this release.

That’s not it, though. The site adds that NVIDIA will launch next series sooner than expected” with a predicted arrival for the GeForce 800 series, based on the Maxwell architecture, in Q1 2014.

If true, all of this can be seen as nothing other than a direct retaliation to AMD’s plans to roll out its new Radeon HD GPU series before the end of the year.

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