Nvidia reveals the GTX 780Ti

Things are becoming pretty heated in the graphics card market (and we’re not just talking about the rumoured temperatures for the R9 290X).

Nvidia has sprung its own surprise after AMD’s prolonged period in the spotlight by unveiling the GTX 780Ti which will sit between the GTX 780 GTX Titan in the company’s product lineup.

Specs have not yet been revealed so it’s not yet clear whether the Ti is simply an overclocked version of the 780 or, as is possibly more likely, a slightly paired-down version of the Titan.

What is clear, however, is that the 780Ti is an attempt to disrupt AMD’s new product lineup of R7 and R9 cards.

Whether it will match the performance of the R9 290X is probably the key question, as is its price. We’re yet to see any evidence of Nvidia lowering its 700 series prices, either, although we could hear more about that during the week.

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