Official Xbox One/Fortnite bundle announced

Microsoft has announced an official Fortnite console bundle, throwing the unofficial world’s most popular game into a box with an Xbox console.

The bundle contains an Xbox One S with a 1TB hard drive and wireless controller, a copy of Fortnite in download form, a download code for the full Eon cosmetic set – including a Legendary Eon Character Outfit, Epic Aurora Glider, and Rare Resonator Pickaxe – as well as 2,000 V-Bucks, which we’re informed is enough to purchase a Battle Pass and some in-game items.

But the fun doesn’t end there – the bundle also comes with one-month trials to both Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold. So it’s a lot of fun in one box.

The Xbox One S Fortnite bundle will release early October, and will be priced at £249.99. That said, you wouldn’t expect it to cost more than a regular console-only package, what with Fortnite being a free-to-play title.

In what some may call ‘throwing shade’, the press release for the bundle states: “Enjoy a fun and inclusive experience by engaging in cross-network play with your friends on PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android – even save your progress across platforms!”

But hey, as Sony said – ‘Fortnite on PS4 is best for users’… hmm.

To be fair, a Fortnite bundle is a bit more fitting than the recent Solo tie-in Microsoft threw out as a competition prize.

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