OlliOlli 2 played by over 1m people worldwide

Over one million people around the globe have played Roll7’s sequel to last year’s indie skating hit OlliOlli.

OlliOlli 2 launched on March 4th in the UK for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita and went straight into PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection – the series of games available for free as part of Sony’s online subscription service.

And developer Roll7 credits this for the title’s success.

Having the opportunity to place OlliOlli 2 in PlayStation Plus is huge boost for a small studio like ours, we’ve been able to take our user base from the tens of thousands to well over a million," Roll7 director Tom Hegarty told MCV.

"That kind of exposure wouldn’t be possible without the promotion that we get from PS Plus. With this new user base we’ll be well positioned to promote Not A Hero when it comes to PlayStation later this year.”

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