OlliOlli to, erm, ollie onto PCs

One of Vita’s recent breakout hits is to receive a release on PC.

Roll7’s OlliOlli, which arrived on Sony’s portable last month, will be published on PC courtesy of Devolver.

The game, which can best be thought of as a back-to-basics side-scrolling affair in the style of early Tony Hawk titles, currently has an 80 per cent average on Metacritic.

It had originally been in development for iOS but switched to Vita after Sony was impressed with an early demonstration.

Gamasutra reports that as soon as Roll7 became aware of Sony’s enthusiasm it began experimenting with physical controls and was pleased with the results.

The team eventually agreed to (limited time) Vita exclusivity, with Sony helping to fund the game’s development. The flip side is that extra work will be required to convert the game into non-Sony SDK form for a PC-friendly release.

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