One Night in Karazhan is Hearthstone’s next adventure expansion

Blizzard keeps pumping out new content for its popular card game, and the next expansion has now been detailed.

Part one of One Night in Karazhan will be released on August 11th, with one wave launching each week offering a total of 45 new cards. The prologue will be free to everyone and offers two free cards upon completion. Each wing will cost 4.99, or the lot can be had for 13.99 (it will cost a bit more on iOS).

As per previous adventures, completion will open up a couple of class challenges using pre-made decks. There will also be a card back for those who best Heroic Mode.

Blizzard’s typically flowery blurb reads: The magus Medivh has put his considerable mystic talents to work transforming Karazhan into the ultimate celebration destination, so prepare yourself for an unforgettable night!

First you’ll meet the staff, including his ever-capable majordomo, Moroes, and then it’s off to an enchanted evening filled with music and dancing, unforgettable performances, and so much more. When you’re not burning up the dance floor, you can take a break to enjoy amenities beyond imagination, including sumptuous feasts in the dining hall and a visit to Karazhan’s magnificent menagerie.”

Here’s the trailer:

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