One third of Valve is now developing VR and AR projects

More than 100 staff at PC giant Valve are working on augmented and virtual reality.

That’s according to a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) – as reported by Kotaku – with Valve employee Alan Yates, who said that one third of the company is dedicated to its AR and VR team.

Kotaku estimates that between 300 and 350 people work at Valve, hence the 100-person figure.

Valve collaborated with tech giant HTC to launch its first virtual reality headset, Vive VR (pictured). That hardware started shipping in April with a UK price tag of 689.

The software firm has been trying to improve VR, and said in March that it was trying to lower GPU requirements for the new technology.

I was super fortunate to start at Valve right around the time Michael Abrash had begun the AR/VR research team,” Yates said in the AMA.

It was a much smaller team then than it is now, it has since grown to encompass about a third of the company, but the key individuals that solved most of the really hard technological problems and facilitated this generation of consumer headsets are still here working on the next generation.”

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