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The future or just a flash in the pan? Either way, the OnLive journey is going to be a fascinating one and today’s the day the service finally launches in the UK.

Subscriptions to OnLive will cost 6.99 a month. For that money you get free access to the majority of titles in the OnLive catalogue. Premium games – typically new releases – will cost 39.99. That buys lifetime access.

Membership, however, is free, with demo access and social features available to all. The OnLive Microconsole and joypad, which are used to access OnLive through a TV and bypassing the need for a PC or Mac, retails for 69.99.

Those new to the OnLive service can buy their first full-price PlayPass titles for just 1. Normally these will cost 39.99.

The company is also giving away free OnLive Microconsoles to those attending today’s Eurogamer Expo in London.

It has also pledged that games will typically” be released on the OnLive service at the same time they hit retail and other digital gaming portals.

OnLive has also announced a partnership with the UK’s leading games retailer GAME and a tie-up with BT, which will see the internet provider offer three months of free, unlimited access to the OnLive PlayPack titles for its broadband customers.

OnLive is incredibly excited to bring instant-play, on-demand cloud gaming to the UK,” OnLive founder and CEO Steve Perlman stated.

OnLive is an entirely new way of experiencing top-tier video games, anywhere, anytime and on virtually any connected device, whether TV, PC, Mac or tablet, with awesome cloud-powered features and community unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. UK gamers, welcome to OnLive.”

Games currently on offer on the service include Deus Ex: Human Revolution, FEAR 3, Dirt 3, Homefront, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and LEGO Harry Potter.

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