OnLive micro console dated, priced

Cloud computing service OnLive will today finally begin taking orders for its TV-compatible micro console, with the first batches of the machine due to be shipped out on December 2nd.

Priced at $99, customers will receive the micro console, one OnLive wireless controller and a $50 credit voucher, which basically equates to a free game.

The micro console itself is said to only take around three minutes to set up on a normal LCD TV and offers both 1080p HD visuals and support for 3D games. It will support up to four wireless pads and either Bluetooth or USB headsets for in-game chat.

In addition, OnLive has confirmed that it will offer unlimited access to its game library for a flat rate monthly fee, as well as either three day or five day rentals. Concrete prices are yet to be confirmed.

This is a big day for OnLive. It’s the culmination of more than eight years of hard work by many people, both at OnLive and at our partners, to realise a dream that so many people said was impossible,” OnLive CEO Steve Perlman stated.

My hat’s off to the team for their dedication and sacrifice to reach this incredible achievement. It has been an honour to work with everyone who made this dream a reality.”

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