OPINION: Applause for GAME and Gamestation store staff

It might surprise you that the one point I was called out for most last week wasn’t our contentious cover – but my implication that GAME had given up fighting.

That, of course, is not the case.

While MCV stands by its widely-discussed cover last week, I should make clear the resilience shown by GAME’s thousands and thousands of shopfloor workers has been truly impressive.

They have faced an uncertain future since Christmas, and yet still maintain the important part of the business that deals with the (at times abusive) public.

Anyone can grumble about bad customer service, but store managers and sales assistants have a thankless task. They do their job with little financial payback. The reward comes in working in a world steeped in their passion: games.

The worst might happen as GAME’s Sunday rent deadline looms. And then the real crime might be that the valiant spirits of the staff at its 600-odd stores – especially those who wrote to us direct this week – will not have shaped the outcome of this dire situation.


Everyone in the UK, whether in Government or a council flat, is aware that the Powers that Be need to start getting drastic with ways to stimulate UK trade and spending.

Now that it has finally happened, let’s not leave the awkwardness go unnoticed. Possible financial incentives for games developers in the country as the one remaining UK-owned games business of scale sits on the precipice… Well, no one voted the Conservatives in for their comic timing.

My personal politics can’t help but remind me that such incentives come hand-in-hand with the threat of rotten privatisation and hurried welfare reforms.

But a tax break for games? It sure makes the bitter pill that is the UK games market easier to swallow.

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