OPINION: Britain’s wake-up call

Occaisionally, scary headlines in MCV are, I’ll be the first to admit, just that.

A wild quote from a speculative pundit about the death of consoles, another throe in retail’s boom-bust-boom-bang-a-bang cycle, the unlikely story of a DIY store developing its own games… we’ve covered them all.

But this week’s magazine cover story, quoting Mike Hayes, the most powerful Brit in video games? This is not scare-mongering. Take in what he’s saying. Go back now and re-read if you haven’t. Absorb it.

Done that? Good.

Because Mike’s words weigh heavy on our cover. I don’t particularly take pleasure in a piece that talks about the continued decline of my cherished entertainment medium in my home country. But this is something all of us need to listen to and understand.

Especially when it comes from one of publishing’s wildcards like Sega. This company is not play-it-safe EA or Activision.

It’s been both prudent and a risk-taker. So it gambles on a series of fan-pleasing games from an esoteric developer like Platinum; all the while using its expert UK teams to produce enduring – and growing – franchises like Total War and Football Manager. The latter is now a huge global hit on iOS as well as its PC homeland.

If somewhere in that diverse strategy Sega has seen challenges, that’s food for thought for everyone.

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