Ouya Kickstarter closes on $8,596,475, attracts 12 $10k pledges

Having embarked on its Kickstarter journey with a lofty target of $950k, Ouya Kickstarter dream has reached a spectacular conclusion.

Having gone live on July 10th, the project closed last night with total funding of $8,596,475 from 63,416 backers.

In addition, Kickstarter has revealed that 12 backers pledged a total of $10,000 or more and four backers $5,000 or above.

226 people pledged between $1,337-$4,999 and the maximum 600 people pledged over $699. 2,500 folks forked out $225+, 7,755 pledged $140 and 46,124 pledged between $99 and $139 – that was the most successful bracket.

Of the rest 1,170 pledged $10-$24, 1,898 pledged $25-$94 and the full 1,000 backers pledged $95-$98, which was the minimum bracket that granted them a free console.

Ouya alreadyholds three Kickstarter records – the highest amount pledged, the fastest campaign to reach $1m (eight hours and 22 minutes) and the most raised in a single day ($3.2m).

Now attention turns to the project delivering on what have rightfully become some very lofty expectations. The promise of a DRM-free, free-to-play, Android-based, Rubik Cube-sized console is a bold one, but one that many people clearly believe in.

Whether or not Ouya can prove to be a pivotal point in the history of under-the-TV gaming remains to be seen. A lot now will depend both on the partners Ouya can attract and how wisely it spends its now considerable funds.

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