Over 30s lead gaming charge in UK

The games industry has for years had to battle the perception that gaming is mainly for kids – but a new survey from battery manufacturer Energizer claims that it’s the older generation that now has the biggest hunger for gaming in the UK.


reports that the survey found that 42 per cent of UK 25-34 year olds would like a games console for Christmas, compared to just 30 per cent of 16-24 year olds. It also found that the Wii is the second most desirable gadget this year, with the DS ranking sixth and Sony’s PS3 seventh.

Energizer’s top ten gadgets this year in full:

1) High-Definition TV/plasma
2) Nintendo Wii
3) Laptop Mac/PC
4) Satellite navigation system
5) Digital camera
6) Nintendo DS Lite
7) Sony PS3
8) iPod/MP3
9) Mobile phone
10) Digital radio

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