Overwatch Lego shown off for the first time

Lego’s take on Overwatch has been officially revealed in slightly-more-than-teaser fashion, after first being confirmed back in August.

In a short video released yesterday, Overwatch chief Jeff Kaplan is seen putting together a Tracer figure, which then comes to life and jumps about. Kaplan’s acting is Oscar bait, that much we know for sure, and the ad can be found right about… here:

There are no further details at the time of writing, beyond a ‘coming soon’, but if the other Lego gaming tie-ins are anything to go by there won’t be a lack of options for those excited by the link up. It also marks another step for Blizzard into the world of Overwatch toys, following the Nerf guns announced earlier this year.

A tie-in like this makes sense, of course, owing to the fact that plenty of people know and love Overwatch, and even more know and love Lego – it’s the second most-known brand in the UK, didn’t you know?

Does this mean we’ll see TT Games working on a Lego Overwatch game? Probably not, even with the added grunt of TT Games Brighton backing things up over there… though you should never say never with these things.

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