P2 readies for Tracy Beaker release

P2 Games has teamed up with publisher Random House and supermarket chain Morrisons for its upcoming Tracy Beaker video game.

The title will be advertised in 100,000 Tracy Beaker reprints, as well as in the Tracy Beaker Fan Club newsletter and on relevant websites. Meanwhile, the title is backed by Jacqueline Wilson herself, who is doing interviews and signing copies of the game.

At the start of the project we could see how much value there would be in directly targeting the massive Tracy Beaker fanbase,” said P2 Games managing director Gerry Whiteside.

It has been great working with Random House and Jacqueline Wilson as they have embraced all of our ideas to do this. We have been able to directly email the members of their fan club, which is nearly 200,000 members, run ads on their website and they have even placed an ad for the games in all their Tracy Beaker books.”

Alongside this activity, P2 Games is offering a very special bundle through supermarket giant Morrisons, which features a copy of the video game and the Tracy Beaker Quiz Book.

At retail, we feel that we have been able to produce
a genuinely fantastic promotional pack for Morrisons,”
continued Whiteside.

We believe this type of initiative will make the difference in terms of sales as awareness for the game will be excellent amongst Tracy Beaker fans in what is a very busy and competitive market sector.”

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