Pachter: PS3 will ‘win GTA IV battle’

Speaking to


, analyst Michael Pachter has placed his chips on PS3 to ‘win’ the battle with Xbox 360 for GTA IV sales.

The title, which is expected to take $400 million in its first week, will directly inspire two million sales of PS3 in 2008, versus half of that figure for 360, believes PAchter.

Wedbush Morgan analyst Pachter told Reuters: "I think PS3 ‘wins’ this battle.”

Other analysts also chipped in with their opinion.

"So many people who owned the PS2 went into PlayStation family because of ‘GTA’. The release of ‘GTA4’ could expedite their decision to upgrade," added Edward Williams, an analyst with BMO Capital Markets.

And IDC analyst Billy Pidgeon commented:
"Online is such a strong part of the game and Microsoft has done such a great job of developing the online community, so for people who own multiple consoles, they will buy it for the 360,"

Reuters predicted that the game ‘will almost certainly sell more copies on the Xbox 360 [in the US] given the bigger base of owners – 9.9 million in the United States versus 4.1 million for the PlayStation 3.’

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