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Epic committed $444m to exclusives in 2020 – Apple claims store won’t be profitable until 2027

With Epic Games Store (EGS), the Fortnite-creator is undoubtedly targeting Steam’s market dominance on PC. But the store has now been drawn into the legal fight between Epic and Apple as well. In court papers for an upcoming hearing, spotted by PC Gamer, Apple uses EGS as an example of …

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“I’m encouraged by a great deal [in the industry] but also dismayed in equal measures” – Polygon Treehouse’s Alex Kanaris-Sotiriou

Every month an industry leader wraps up MCV/DEVELOP with their unique insight. This month we talk to Alex Kanaris-Sotiriou, Co-Founder & Art Director at Polygon Treehouse

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“The future is bright for cloud gaming and our community of players and partners” – Stadia unveils 10 more games under its Stadia Makers programme

Stadia has unveiled the latest round of developers launching their games under the Stadia Makers program, with 10 new titles joining the platform.

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