Pang is making a return on consoles, PC and mobiles

1989 arcade game Pang is about to pop back onto the market, courtesy of DotEmu and Pastagames.

Original developers Mitchell Cooporation have apparently approved” of the new version, titled Pang Adventures.

If you’re in North America and that name doesn’t ring a bell, that may be because the series was known as Buster Bros over there. And as the strangely pleasing Pomping World in Japan.

The gameplay revolved around bouncing balls. Players move left and right across the screen firing spears upwards. When they connect with a ball it splits into incrementally smaller and smaller balls until the screen is cleared.

This brand-new instalment will maintain the original spirit of the game while delivering some surprises and new features,” DotEmu said.

DotEmu has turned its hands to lots of mobile conversions of arcade title, including the likes of R-Type, Another World and Raiden Legacy. Pastagames, meanwhile, are best known for titles such as Pix the Cat and Rayman: Jungle Fun fame.

Pang Adventures is in development for unspecified consoles, PC, iOS and Android. It doesn’t currently have a release date.

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