Paradox announces three new games at GDC

Paradox Interactive, Sweden’s most indie-friendly big publisher, today announced three new games for its 2012 lineup, one of which is created by Magicka developer, Arrowhead.

A man without a destiny is about to meet his destiny. A cop on his last day of retirement", begins the tounge-in-cheek voicover in the announcement trailer for The Showdown Effect. The game is a side-scrolling platform shooter for several players that seems to retain the developer’s trademark twisted humor.

Have fun with your annoying friends, kill all my employees, play dressup like a bunch of sissies,” quips the storyteller in the announcement trailer for Dungeonland, the second game presented today. Here, you can apparently kill your friends in humorous ways, and while three players explore the park, a fourth serves as the dungeon master who stands in their way.

The third game in the Paradox announcement, Red frontier, pits players against up to eleven others in the same arena, where they then fight it out with an assortment of science fiction tools, like advanced weaponry and combat specialised robots.

With these three games, Paradox looks set to cement its reputation as the biggest little indie publisher in the Nordic countries.

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