Paradox on Crusader Kings III: ‘It’s no secret successful games get sequels – it’s just a matter of when’

Crusader Kings II publisher Paradox Interactive has hinted at the possibility of a sequel.

Speaking to MCV, COO Susana Meza Graham said that the PC medieval simulation title had been bolstered by a series of major updates and expansion packs following its release in 2012, which had allowed the team to incorporate entirely new ideas and concepts into the game.

If you’ve brought Crusader Kings II vanilla and haven’t brought a single expansion pack, the game you have now is basically Crusader Kings 2.5 – so you’ve gotten a hell of a deal in terms of value for what you paid for it,” she explained.

That’s a very exciting way to go about it: having a real good product as a base and then developing and adding content depending on what you see people playing and liking, as well as what the developers are interested in and passionate about.”

Crusader Kings II has now sold over 1.1 million copies worldwide, with the game’s expansion packs and cosmetic DLC add-ons having shifted over eight million units combined.

Paradox recently announced that around the title continues to see around 12,500 active daily players, with average playtime per person totalling 99 hours.

Asked when the team would decide to begin holding ideas back for a possible follow-up, Graham responded: You’ll see a Crusader Kings III when we feel like we’re done with Crusader Kings II, and also when we have a really strong product champion for it internally; when we feel like we can really innovate and take Crusader Kings to a whole new dimension.

If you have a successful game, the fact that it’s going to get a sequel at some point is not a secret – that’s how the games industry works. It’s just a matter of when and who will be the person to take it forward.”

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