Paradox rolls back price increases after fan anger

Publisher Paradox has reversed a number of price increases that were recently rolled out across its catalogue.

The company last month explained that certain regions would incur an increase to make our prices match the purchasing power of those areas, as well as create a more equal price point for our products across the globe”.

Added the company: Our prices have remained pretty much the same for several years and it’s only natural for us to re-evaluate price points at regular intervals based on the strength of various currencies, fluctuations in world markets and many other factors. This is something that all publishers do and we are no exception.”

The result? Many of its titles were ‘review-bombed’ on Steam – that’s the phenomenon where gamers punish companies by leaving negative reviews on a title to bring down its average review rating.

Now, however, Paradox has decided to revert the prices back to previous levels. Furthermore, anyone who purchased games at the elevated price will hopefully be reimbursed, although the company is not yet sure if this is possible. If not, it will double the value of the difference and donate that to the UNHCR.

You are absolutely right. You deserve more transparency and better communication from Paradox when it comes to changing of our prices and pricing policy,” CEO Fredrick Wester said.

I just came off the phone with Steam and they say we can’t do the roll-back before the Summer Sale is over (otherwise it would mean we have to take all Paradox products off the summer sale) but it will be done right after.”

Wester did have some comments to make about the nature of the price protests, too.

I have promised myself never to give in to mob mentality; it’s one of the worst things I know and a terrible way to convince me,” he explained. In this case, my change of stance has been made from communicating with people who have been active in our community for 10+ years, people who spent thousands of hours in our games and coming to the conclusions you find above.”

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