Payday 2 makes paid-for content free

Overkill has altered the role of in-game payments in Payday 2 following an angry response from fans.

Less than a week ago, the studio introduced microtransactions to Payday 2, which many fans found hard to swallow.

Many dug up the developer’s previous 2013 vow that it wouldn’t add paid content to the title, with others flooding Payday 2’s Steam page with negative reviews.

The hubbub surrounded the addition of safes earned at the end of matches, which could only be opened by using a consumable drill. Said drill was only available as a $2.49 in-game purchase.

Now Overkill has attempted to balance the game’s free and paid content by making the drills occasionally drop alongside the title’s normal items as of the latest Steam update.

This change only applies to the PC version, as the microtransactions are yet to be added to the console editions of the title.

And, after all the drama of this last week, they look likely to remain a PC-only offering for the foreseeable future.

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