Payday: The Heist delayed until later this month

Having missed its proposed release date yesterday (October 4th), Sony Online Entertainment has officially confirmed that Payday: The Heist has been delayed.

The game – which has been described as Left 4 Dead but with the zombies swapped for a bank heist – is a PS3 and PC exclusive.

SOEand Overkill Software need a little more time to assemble the ideal squad and attack strategy for our highly anticipated adrenaline-pumping first person shooter,Payday: The Heist,” SOE’s executive director of business development Chris Sturr stated.

With this in mind, SOE and the talented Overkill team have decided to push Payday’s official launch day to later in October, ensuring the overall game quality and potential score for all heist team members.

Your continued loyalty and patience with the game’s further development is very much appreciated, we truly believe your first heist will be worth the wait.”

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