PC MOBA Gigantic also coming to Xbox One, with cross-play

Motiga’s in-development MOBA title Gigantic will feature cross-play across Xbox One and PC.

Players will also be able to carry the purchases and equipment between platforms, allowing them to continue from where they left off – which sounds very much like the Windows 10 Xbox One cross-buy program outlined earlier today.

Cross-play isn’t a requirement, however. Players can opt to only face off against opponents on the same hardware if they prefer. This might be useful for Xbox One gamers who may not fancy squarely off against PC opponents using a keyboard and mouse.

Gigantic becomes the second big MOBA to be confirmed for Xbox One following Hi-Rez Studios’ Smite.

Gigantic is going to be a key launch title for Windows 10, and countless console gamers will play it on their Xbox Ones,” the studio said. A competitive game like Gigantic thrives when lots of people try it, and now we have the resources to bring Gigantic to more gamers faster and in a higher-quality fashion than Motiga could have ever done alone.

The Gigantic team can [now] tap directly into Microsoft’s expertise. After all, Microsoft created both platforms, and we’ll be getting advice and info straight from the source. The Microsoft campus is 20 minutes away by car, so we have unfettered access to everything we need to make Gigantic shine on Windows 10 and Xbox One.

We’ve been neck-deep in Windows 10 for a while now, and we’re impressed at the gamer-centric features it has: social sharing, streaming from Xbox One to Windows 10 platforms, and more. And when they told us gamers could upgrade to Windows 10 for free, we were sold. Maybe more important than any of that, we’ve seen a renewed sense of purpose at Microsoft to make the Windows 10 launch a moment to really push PC gaming. One of PC gaming’s biggest powerhouses is upping the ante in a big way.”

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