PC release for Bungie’s Destiny would spread studio too "thin"

While it remains a possibility in the long-term, hopes of a PC release for Destiny have lessened.

Bungie community manager Eric Osborne told IGN that trying to launch on another platform would, quite simply, be so resource intensive that it would jeopardise the quality of the game on other formats.

"It’s a huge challenge to ship four platforms and a massive opportunity to reach a new audience," he explained. "We know there are a lot of people out there asking for PC and we know that there are a lot of gamers that would willingly give us money, but what we have to do is make sure we’re focused enough to bring a good experience to any platform that we ship on.

What we 100 per cent are not going to do is spread ourselves so thin that it negatively harms the other platforms. So right now we have the four platforms, which is a lot to focus on."

Destiny is currently confirmed for four platforms – Xbox One, PS4 and, Xbox 360 and PS3. No release date has yet been announced.

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