PC will be the most lucrative games platform by 2019

Research giant Juniper Research has revealed its predictions for the UK games market by 2019.

The firm says that combined revenue of PC and console games will be worth $41.2bn in 2019, a slight decline over previous years, but still accounting for well over 50 per cent of the market.

PC will be the most lucrative platform of them all, ahead of smartphones. While handheld gaming won’t exist at all, forced out by the convenience of smartphone gaming. Juniper’s Eva Hunyadi says handheld gaming has struggled to attract new players and that it will only account for less than two per cent of the market by 2019.

The firm says it doesn’t expect new consoles from Sony or Microsoft until 2019 ‘at the earliest’, but believes hardware will be released more frequently as platform holders adapt to challenges from cheaper boxes such as Amazon Fire TV.

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