350,000 Mega Drive titles sold on Steam since mod hub launch

Nearly 20 years on from its discontinuation, the Mega Drive is making money again.

Sega last month released a new retro hub for its Mega Drive library on Steam for PC. Among the new features was mod support, opening up the library to the enthusiastic PC modding community. And it turns out that move was just as smart as it appeared.

350,000 Mega Drive games have now been purchased worldwide on Steam since the hub went live on April 28th. Sega adds that hundreds” of custom ROMs have been uploaded in this time.

We’re really chuffed that the fans have got behind this update,” Sega Europe’s director of digital distribution James Schall said.

350,000 sales is a phenomenal achievement for content which is over 20 years old! It shows that there’s still a huge following out for the Sega Mega Drive and Genesis, reinvigorated by the fantastic community of modders out there uploading great content.”

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