Accessories Update: Nyko PS4 Data Bank and Razer Seiren

MCV takes a look at the best accessories heading to UK retail. This week, we investigate the latest PS4 accessory from Nyko and sing the praises of Razer’s Seiren microphone

Nyko Data Bank for PlayStation 4

While the PlayStation 4 has a larger hard drive than its predecessor, the PS3, the increased graphical fidelity of new games for the console means that 500GB of standard storage space still fills up fast.

Accessories specialist Nyko has come up with a solution to this problem, in the form of the Data Bank for PS4.

While the PS4 itself supports players who decide to swap out the included hard drive for a similar 2.5-inch replacement, the 2.5-inch form factor limits users to certain storage capacities.

However, the Data Bank for PS4 allows players to utilise larger – in both physical form factor and storage capacity – 3.5-inch hard drives in their console, with the PS4 regarding the expanded drive as its standard internal storage.

Another benefit of 3.5-inch hard drives is that they are often cheaper than their 2.5-inch counterparts – making the investment in the Data Bank worthwhile for many consumers.

The Data Bank includes an integrated LED strip, which illuminates to signify that memory in the bank is being accessed.


Release Date: H1 2015

Distributor: Nyko


Razer Seiren

Razer is targeting the home broadcaster market with its latest audio product, the Seiren microphone.

The peripheral is constructed with three 14mm custom-tuned condenser capsules, which can record at a quality of up to 192kHz with 24-bit – several times the quality of CD audio.

The Seiren is a multi-pattern microphone, which means it has selectable recording presets for multiple different setups.

The cardoid pattern is best suited for those recording commentary over livestreams, podcasts, voice-overs or capturing the sound from musical instruments. The more conventional stereo setting is best for standard vocals and instruments. The omnidirectional pattern captures all sound in the vicinity of the microphone, making it suitable for conference calls and events. Meanwhile, the bidirectional setup records directly in front and behind the device – making it best for interviews or duets.

As well as these settings, the Seiren also boasts a 3.5mm headphone jack with zero latency so users can hear their recording as soon as it is captured.

Control knobs for pattern switching, headphone volume and mic-gain are integrated into the microphone itself, which additionally features a display screen for information.

The microphone is built with a solid aluminium base to minimise the feedback from vibration.

The device connects to PC via a single USB connection, and has support for plug and play. Razer’s free Synapse software is used to control audio quality such as bit rate and sample rate.

RRP: 144.99

Release Date: February 2015

Distributor: VIP Computers

Contact: 01925 286 900

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