AMD Hawaii GPU to undercut Nvidia’s GTX 780 – report

If all the rumours surrounding AMD’s new line of graphics cards are to be believed, this Q4 is going to be a bloodbath in the graphics card sector.

Fudzilla reports that AMD’s new Hawaii GPU, which AMD last week confirmed it will be unveiling in September, will retail for a maximum of $600 and quite possibly less.

This means it will undercut Nvidia’s mighty GTX 780, which currently retails for around $650. It will also significantly undercut the $1,000 GTX Titan, but then so does a second hand Volkswagen Polo.

AMD last week slashed the price of its Radeon 7990 to around $699. With Hawaii unlikely to match the 7990 in raw performance terms, a $600 RRP seems to set up AMD’s new GPU line-up nicely.

The question now is how Hawaii will compare in performance terms to the GTX 780. The internet would have you believe it will have the better of Nvidia’s card, but with no firm numbers to call upon that remains nothing but speculation for the time being.

If Hawaii can get close to or beat the GTX 780 then the lower price, coupled with AMD’s aggressive game bundling, could leave Nvidia in a tricky position.

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