AMD promises Crossfire-fixing new drivers on July 31st

A long-awaited driver update that promises to fix one of the biggest issues dogging AMD graphics card will be released on July 31st.

AMD confirmed as much on Twitter last night.

The driver upgrade will apparently fix problems that were identified earlier this year with users running two AMD Radeon PC graphics cards simultaneously (known as Crossfire).

Radeon offers Crossfire functionality (with Nvidia offering the comparable SLI) so users can effectively double up their GPU power. Two 250 Radeon HD 7950s, for instance, should be able to outpace a single 800 Nvidia Titan GPU.

Crossfire (and to a lesser extent SLI) comes with complications, however. As well as the increased heat the setup generates and the sometimes excessive noise, earlier this year it was identified that AMD Crossfire solutions produce a high number of what are known as ‘runt’ frames. These frames are counted by FPS counters such as Fraps but are never actually shown on the screen.

To cut a long story short – the numbers tell users they’re getting a smooth, high frame-rate experience even when the game itself is stuttering and clearly not delivering on the numbers.

AMD promised a fix for this when it unveiled the HD 7990 earlier this year. Early reports from those allowed to access the drivers certainly indicate a stark improvement. At the end of July gamers will finally get the chance to find out for themselves.

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