AMD’s Radeon Pro Duo offers unrivalled VR graphics power

The battle to be the world’s most powerful graphics card is always shifting, and today a new beast sits on the throne.

It’s called the Radeon Pro Duo, the unit houses two Fiji GPUs, amounting to 16 teraflops of computer performance and 8GB of on board RAM. Also included is an integrated liquid cooler.

Expect it to be power hungry, too, as it requires three 8-pin PCIe power connectors to run.

While available to consumers, the card is being targeted at VR professionals, touting its support for big resolutions – specifically 4K per eye. It also argues the card is ideally suited to the task as VR titles output two images, and devs can assign one to each GPU core.

All of this comes at a price, of course. The Radeon Pro Duo has an RRP of $1,499, and a release date of early Q2 2016. That’s a lot, certainly, but less than the $3,000 Nvidia’s twin-GPU Titan Z cost at launch.

There’s no UK price as of yet, but expect something in the region of 1,200.

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