AMD’s Sulon Q offers wire, PC and console free all-in-one VR

There’s a new virtual reality headset on the block that looks to address two of the key problems with most VR headsets.

The AMD Sulon Q is an all-in-one solution that is not only wire-free, but also does not require users to plus it into a PC or console. There’s also no need for external tracking units.

All the electronics are built into the headset, and AMD reckons the visuals will be console-quality. It’s powered by an AMD FX-8800P processor and an R7 graphics chip – that’s four compute cores and eight GPU cores.

It’s DirectX 12 compatible, too, has a 2560×1440 OLED display and integrated surround sound.

Furthermore, the Sulon is built both for virtual reality and augmented reality, thanks to its Spatial Processing Unit. The same tech can also apparently trick users into thinking they’re walking about in an environment bigger than the one they’re actually standing in. We doubt it’s quite up to Holodeck standards, but it’s an interesting proposition.

There’s no word yet on a price or release date.

Here’s a trailer:

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