Anti-Trump billboard accuses the presidential candidate of being a Hanzo main in Overwatch

A billboard over in America has accused current presidential candidate Donald Trump of being a Hanzo main in Overwatch.

The billboard shows an image of Trump playing at a computer and reads: Donald Trump mains Hanzo and complains about team comp in chat,” before directing people to

The website then shows Trump as a number of Overwatch characters, each of which shows him in a negative light in both the world of Overwatch and the real world. Bastion Trump for example has the caption of The controller is broken” referring to his supposedly broken mic at the debate.

Genji Trump focuses on Trump’s refusal to release his Tax returns, Reaper Trump focuses on his belief that the media is biased against him, Hanzo Trump looks at the people Trump has fired from his campaign and is working with and my personal favourite Junkrat Trump, is based on Trump saying that if he loses, the election was obviously rigged.

All of this has come from the creators of Cards Against Humanity, who have funded the campaign by selling political card packs.

According to Polygon it was artist Daniel WarrenJohnson who actually created the images and billboards, with the original art being available on his Twitter page.

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