Realtime Worlds opts to use Nvidia's physics technology in upcoming MMO

APB to use PhysX

Realtime Worlds’ upcoming MMO APB will use Nvidia’s PhysX technology, the two have announced.

The middleware will be used to support the online game, which is due for release next year.

"Realtime Worlds, by our very name, defines what games we aim to create," commented Dave Jones, the CEO of Realtime Worlds.

"APB is a vastly ambitious project, combining the key elements of action gameplay in a living, breathing world with millions of players around the globe. In order to fully realise the vision of APB, it was essential to include next-generation physics in our game world. This is why we choose to standardise our development on GeForce GPUs and NVIDIA PhysX technology, the combination of which has given our developers the power and freedom to deliver the first action and physics based combat gameplay into the massively multiplayer online space."

Nvidia says PhysX is already included in more than 140 shipping titles for Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and the PC.

“We are very excited that Realtime Worlds is incorporating PhysX technology into APB,” said Roy Taylor, NVIDIA vice president of content relations. “APB is a marvel in free form story innovation and promises to bring an entirely new approach to multiplayer online gaming. We can hardly wait to play!”

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