Battleborn may (or may not) be going free-to-play

Gearbox’s multiplayer shooter seems to be about to launch some sort of free-to-play or free-to-try offer.

Kotaku originally reported that a source close to the game had informed it that Battleborn was going to make the switch to free-to-play within a couple of months. This source added that the studio had wanted to make the game F2P from the off, but that publisher 2K Games had preferred a more standard retail price model.

However, since then the game has fallen short of expectations. The same can be said of fellow 2K multiplayer FOS Evolve – and that has thrived following the decision to switch to a F2P model.

It is also claimed that current Battleborn players who paid upfront for the title will be offered some sort of reward following the switch.

However, outspoken Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford has subsequently come out and denied the claims. Sort of.

So the F2P claims are reckless”, but a trial” version that is free” is planned, and it isn’t a timed demo, and those plans haven’t been finalised anyway? It does sound a bit F2P-ish. We’ll see.

Battleborn by all accounts is a decent game but suffered by launching in the same window as the hugely successful and overtly similar Overwatch.

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