Company redouble efforts to support HTML5 efforts

Big Viking reveals $10m publishing fund for Facebook’s Instant Games

Canadian games outfit Big Viking Games have put together a $10m publishing fund for developers looking to create content for Facebook’s newly announced Instant Games program.

Instant Games currently plans to make 17 titles playable directly through Instant Games and Big Viking Games is a found launch partner for the service, and has decided to show its commitment by stumping up the $10m fund for the games, made in HTML5.

In a canned statement, Albert Lai, Big Viking’s CEO and co-founder, said that the fund would "allow us the flexibility to work with other studios, IP holders, and companies looking to enter the HTML5 messenger gaming market."

"In the 1990s we bought all of our digital content on compact discs, which now seems crazy given how easy it is to access high quality content on the internet," Lai said in the same statement.

"We believe that we will soon look at the App Store with the same lens, and that the future of gaming on mobile is highly social, instantly playable, and high quality."

Big Viking snagged $21.75 in funding last year to focus on HTML5, and has been exclusively working on HTML5 products since 2012, a year after the company was founded in 2011.

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