Chip’s Challenge and unreleased sequel land on Steam this month

Chuck Sommerville’s 1989 release Chip’s Challenge is heading to Steam later this month, along with its unreleased sequel.

Following nearly two decades of off and on negotiation with the trademark owners, Chip’s Challenge 2 will be released in its original form.

When I couldn’t release Chip’s Challenge 2, it hit me really hard. Not only had I spent two years perfecting it, I also felt I’d let down the fans too.” Sommerville said.

I generally thought the only way Chip’s Challenge 2 was ever going to see the light of day was by having my wife leak it on the internet upon my death.”

Both the top-down tile-based puzzle game and Chip’s Challenge 2 will launch on Valve’s digital platform May 29th for Windows PC. Trading Cards and Steam Workshop are being added to the original code along with a new game saves system.

The original will cost $1.99 and the sequel will run $4.99.

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