Clash of Clans spawns AR builder for anniversary

Clash of Clans is now entering its fifth year and to celebrate, developer Supercell has teamed up with Facebook to create an AR camera effect.

As part of Facebook’s AR studio, users will be able to put themselves into the game as a builder, and also use the real world via a camera to put the Builder character from Clash of Clans into the image. This is part of an ongoing marketing campaign that shows the game’s Builder, entirely fed up with having everything he’s built immediately destroyed, leaving the game to find new building opportunities.

“In as little as five years, Supercell has built one of the most vibrant game communities in the world through Clash of Clans,” said Facebook’s director of global games partnerships, Leo Olebe. “Using the AR Studio tool on Facebook’s Camera Effects Platform, Supercell is giving Clash fans a chance to celebrate and become a character most deserving of some love. We’re proud to team up with Supercell, and we’re happy to finally give the Builder a chance to work on some new, hopefully more rewarding projects.”

Clash of Clans is a regular feature on the app store charts and continues to be one of the top 10 grossing games. Facebook has been accelerating its augmented reality development and earlier this year showed a demonstration of the Facebook AR platform. EA’s Mass Effect: Andromeda also used Facebook’s AR studio for a promotional demo. An AR platform game is due to be released later this year.

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