Crysis heading for next-gen consoles?

Whilst nearly every triple-A PC release is linked with a console port at some stage, some substance has been thrown behind the rumour that upcoming PC FPS Crysis will make the move to 360 and PS3 thanks to develop Crytek’s CEO.

CVG reports than in the latest issue of PC Gamer, Cevat Yerli claims: Theoretically, anything could run anywhere. Crysis could be on the 360 or PS3. It requires optimisation, that’s what we’ve always communicated. What you would not do is make Crysis on PS3, 360 and PC for a single shipping date, because we would lose the quality focus.

So I say, ‘First PC version, then we’ll see what happens.”

However, Yerli goes on to say that at the moment there are definitely no plans for a console version of the game. But many will already be earmarking Christmas ’08 as a possible release window.

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