Crytek denies studio working conditions claims

A detailed and malicious assessment of working conditions at Crytek has been disputed, condemned and in some cases disproved by the company’s co-founder.

The German independent studio has been subjected to onslaught of accusations from what appears to be a single individual, likely a former employee, who has anonymously published a hate-filled blog post now in circulation.

One of the report’s allegations – that the company’s relocation to a new Frankfurt studio would result in the redundancy of some 70 people – was described as bullshit” by Crytek managing director Avni Yerli.

Of course people have left Crytek, but people have joined as well, and most people have left on their own actions.

I mean, this is the nature of the business, you have 300 people in Frankfurt, in multiple teams across multiple offices. I wish some of the people who left would have stayed, but that’s life. There’s nothing we can do if, say, one of our staff falls in love with someone who lives in a different country. We don’t want people to feel bad for not staying.”

But for all Yerli’s contempt shown towards the blog post, he admitted that one of the article’s claims was correct, if exaggerated.

He said the blogger’s suggestion of six months’ crunch work on Crysis 2 was ridiculous”, but admitted the studio had entered a phase of high workloads and longer hours.

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