Cyberpunk 2077’s rumoured E3 appearance rings true

CD Projekt Red’s upcoming game has been rumoured to be making an appearance at E3 2018. The rumour comes from polish gaming site but is apparently drawn from two sources and sounds pretty credible.

The much-awaited game was announced way back in 2012 with a scintillating teaser trailer being released in 2013 (yes it was that long ago). Even given the size and complexity of the Witcher 3, we’d be expecting to see something from the project around now.

That something will apparently be a fully-playable demo – which will be shown behind closed doors at E3. The article notes it will be shown to both journalists and industry partners – so keep an eye out for a mysterious meeting invite from the company in the upcoming months.

Games that are shown widely to press, eben off the showfloor are usually accompanied by video trailers in one of the platform holder showcases – and this is a game that would easily earn such a spot. However, it may be that a limited number of journalists may be shown the game under embargo, in preparation of a launch into less choppy waters than E3 itself.

In short, we have no idea at present if the game will actually be unveiled at the show – based on the information provided at least. But the timing seems right to go public for a launch early next year.

The leak of the possible demo is strengthened by recent reports of demanding working conditions coming out of the studio. That would both suggest that something is coming to a head in terms of workload and that there are a number of possibly disgruntled ex-employees who might be happy to spill the odd bean.

Cyberpunk 2077 will be a big deal. It’s the developer’s first step away from The Witcher series were it made its name, but with the developer’s heritage, the strong initial trailer and a license taken from a classic pen-and-paper RPG it’s set to be a huge hit.

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