Nvidia chip lauded for bringing 'console quality graphics' to platform

Dev industry in awe of new Tegra mobile tech

The development industry has been astounded by Nvidia’s new Tegra 3 chip for mobile devices, coming out in force to praise the tech firm.

The processor brings a unique 5-core set-up to mobile, which developers have said could bring console quality graphics to the platform, as well as all-day gaming.

“Nvidia’s GPU architecture delivers the best gaming experience, bringing true console-quality games to mobile devices,” said Capcom’s Jun Takeuchi.

“Our Lost Planet 2 test demo makes it clear – the quad-core muscle of Tegra 3 brings hyper-realistic visuals, smooth frame rates and sharp images. The result is a whole new level of realism to content for smartphones and tablets."

Unity VP of business development Tony Garcia added: "With the Tegra 3 processor, Nvidia is once again painting new horizons for technology on wireless platforms.

“We’re excited to see how the thousands of developers using Unity to create interactive 3D content will take advantage of the extra power that Nvidia’s quad-core technology provides."

Adobe meanwhile stated it plans to continue its close partnership with Nvidia to ensure apps can significantly benefit form the mobile tech.

"Flash-based apps packaged with AIR allow content creators to deliver premium gaming and video experiences, while HTML5 apps built with PhoneGap enable fantastic, general-purpose mobile apps.” Said Adobe director Jennifer Carr.

“We continue our close partnership with Nvidia to ensure that these visually rich, highly-interactive apps can significantly benefit from Tegra 3’s enhanced CPU and GPU horsepower."

Other studios to praise the new tech include Shadowgun developer Madfinger Games, Zen Studios, Fatshark, Luma Arcade and Pitbull Studio.

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