Browser gaming will not move on if people are afraid to abandon pre-IE9 user base

Developers must embrace HTML5, says Zynga exec

Developers need to embrace HTML5 if the platform is to be fully realised as a gaming platform, Zynga Germany CTO Paul Bakaus has said.

Speaking at the New Game conference in San Franciso, Bakaus said that despite the platform’s many problems, it had huge possibilities for the future of browser gaming and new users would come if they had the incentive to do so.

“People are scared to abandon users at less than Internet Explorer 9," he said, as quoted by Gamasutra.

"But sometimes, giving people what they want isn’t helpful, since nothing will change. Try to come up with great new stuff that only works in modern browsers, and that will create incentive to upgrade."

Bakaus admitted that despite how much he loves working on HTML5, using it could be a pain, as it is not developed specifically with gaming in mind.

He also added that only around 20 APIs exist on iOS 5 for HTML5 developers, whilst more than 1,500 are available for native app devs.

“This is a really significant problem I’m seeing, and we need to fix that.”

Backaus believes that for HTML5 to truly succeed, it needs triple-A and social game devs to fully commit to making original content for the platform, and he thinks this could happen sooner rather than later.

"I think we’re really getting closer to making HTML5 gaming a reality. I don’t think were completely there yet, but we’re really close,” he said.

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