Intel Developer Blog: Key insights into how to get the best out of this form factor

Discover how RISK was designed for All-in-One PCs

There are many different form factors that you can design games for today, but one of the emerging devices that presents the greatest creative opportunities is the All-in-one PC (AIO). These computers combine the performance of a powerful desktop with the appearance of a giant tablet, with screens of up to 27 inches. They can be laid flat on a table to use the touchscreen.

When Marmalade Game Studios designed RISK: The Game of Global Domination, based on the popular board game, it considered AIOs to be a key target device. Players can sit around the screen, like a board game, and play together. Some touch guidelines from smaller devices apply, but Marmalade had to work out how to handle 10 simultaneous touch points in a way that would make sense to players, and how to handle different orientations of the device. Read this article to discover the key lessons of designing RISK for AIOs. It reveals some interesting insights into how you can get the best out of this form factor.

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