Intel Developer Blog: 3D scanning can allow developers to input the player's own features into the game and boost immersion

Discover how you can use 3D scanning to put the player into your game

We let players name and customise their avatar, but it’s a long way off putting the player into the game.

3D scanning techniques can make it possible to scan the player’s features and use them for the character, so they can see a good likeness of themselves running around the game environment.

To try it out, there is some free sample face mapping code you can download here, which uses the Intel RealSense SDK, which is available for free download.

Once the model has been composited, it can be loaded into 3D modelling tools and game engines.

The demonstration file shows how 3D avatars can be created and provides a process you can use to build hyper-realistic characters for your games. Find out more about Intel RealSense here and discover more of Intel’s resources for game developers here.

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