Intel Developer Blog: A look at the potential enhancements the Dolby Audio API offers developers

Dolby Audio API for Better Android Audio

CPU processing and graphics performance often get priority when it comes to optimising your Android applications. But the audio experience can play a vital part in a user’s overall enjoyment of your app, whether a music or video player or a game.

Eric A from Dolby Laboratories has posted a blog on Intel Developer Zone that reveals how you can use the Dolby Audio API to improve the sound quality in your applications for Intel-based Android devices.

Eric says the enhancements include:

  • Volume levelling: consistent sound levels across your application – so no more sudden loud bursts of noise (particularly bad if you’re wearing headphones)
  • Surround virtualiser: creates a surround-sound experience for greater immersion
  • Audio optimiser: enjoy natural and louder distortion-free sound
  • Dolby digital pass-through: allows direct home theatre connections for a full multi-channel experience

The API package comes with everything you need to get started including a quick-start guide and some sample code. Combined with Intel’s selection of Android tools, you have quite an arsenal at your disposal!

Download the free Dolby Audio API at and find out more in Eric’s blog post on Intel Developer Zone.

Implementing the API should only take around 15 minutes, so it’s a no-brainer really!

• This blog post is written by Softtalkblog, and is sponsored by the Intel Developer Zone, which helps you to develop, market and sell software and apps for prominent platforms and emerging technologies powered by Intel Architecture.

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