Eight-hour Steam sale doubles Q Games’ annual income

Multi-platform indie developer Q-Games saw its annual income double in the span of eight hours, thanks to a Steam community-voted sale on one of the studio’s titles.

PixelJunk Eden was selected in a community vote to receive a front-page featured sale that dropped the game to $0.99 – 90 per cent off its standard price tag.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Steam community sale for PixelJunk Eden, it sold *phenomenally* well,” Q-Games founder Dylan Cuthbert said on Twitter.

We just made our income to date, again, in just 8 hours, it was a huge success.”

Cuthbert’s claims, if accurate, are a strong indication of the continued effect Steam and its massive discounting have had on the PC market.

Without even knowing the studio’s annual income, it’s incredible to fathom that just one game – marked down 90 per cent for less than a day – could sell the amount of copies needed to match a successful indie studio’s income for an entire year.

Eden, the third game in Q Games’ ongoing PixelJunk series, is out now on PC and PS3.

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