ESRB defends US games rating system

The governing body of the US games industry, the ESRB, has struck out at the National Institute on Media and the Family for undermining what it believes is a working, credible video games rating system in North America.

Next-Gen reports that the recent release of the NIMF’s annual Video Game Report Card gave the region’s games industry a ‘C’, with the ESRB itself receiving a ‘B’. And whilst the report did praise some aspects of the rating board’s practices, it also contained criticism for its handling of the recent Manhunt 2 controversy.

But ESRB president Patricia Vance has attacked the credibility of the report, stating: "In many significant ways, this year’s NIMF Report Card contradicts recent Federal Trade Commission findings related to parents’ awareness, use and satisfaction with ESRB ratings, as well as retailer support of the ratings.

"NIMF exhibits a significant lack of understanding of and, as a result, grossly misrepresents the facts surrounding last month’s hack into pirated versions of Manhunt 2.

"At a time of year when parents are looking for helpful guidance about video games, this year’s Report Card does little more than sow unwarranted doubt about effective tools like ESRB ratings."

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