EternaLEnVy accuses Team Secret of withholding payments and taking a 10% cut

Jacky "EternaLEnVy" Mao wrote a 7,000 word blog accusing his former team, Team Secret, of taking an unwarranted 10% cut of his winnings among other things.

In the blog EternaLEnVy explains that Team Secret were withholding payments, and when he finally got a break down of what he was owed and from what tournaments he discovered that the organisation was taking a 10% cut of all his winnings.

Through a series of chat logs with Team Secret director Kemal Sadikog, Envy proved that this cut was not agreed upon and that he was not being paid a salary that was agreed upon.

When a tournament pays out the money to Team Secret, Team Secret does not split and pay out the money to the team,” said Envy. It just sits there, and unless you hound them for it the money won’t move for awhile.

Misery was still owed 182K USD up ‘til September 26 2016 where he was finally paid that amount all at once. You expect an organization to send you the money when they receive it, obviously this isn’t the case with Secret as shown once again. I was missing 36K USD til September 14, why I was paid most of the prize winnings months ahead of Misery, or why I’m missing a random 36K USD at the end I’ll never know.”

However it was also announced that none of the players on Team Secret had legally binding written contracts, so really there is little that can be done about the missing money.

Envy also spoke at length about sponsorship money he wasn’t given, poor business deals from the organisation and team captain Clement "Puppey" Ivanov who apparently threatened to fight former members of the team.

The full blog is available here and certainly worth a read.

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